Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kendra's Baby Shower

A few weeks ago we had a fun baby shower for Kendra Dee.  Kathy, Jenni, Kallie, Julie, and I had a fun time putting our ideas together for the shower.  We thought a cowboy theme would be right up Kendra's (and Brach's) alley.  Julie made the darling cowboy cake and all the cupcakes that we had for dessert.  Kallie and Jenni set up the candy bar (which had goodies like cow tails, cotton candy, moo milk straws, snickers, gumballs, rootbeer barrels and more) which turned out really darling.  Kathy and Jenny made the wishing tree which I thought was really fun.  For the buffet we had a variety of different soups with bread and fruit.  Another fun thing we had at the party was a "wanted photo booth".  I wish I could have uploaded all of the fun pictures from that. 
Everyone was so generous with Kendra in their gifts and there were a lot of fun baby clothes and beautiful blankets.  Thanks to everyone who came and supported Kendra as she prepares to become a mother for the first time.  I am truly excited and anxious to meet my new grandson....any day now!

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