Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well here it is.....Wednesday day night and our last one in this beautiful country. I wanted to get caught up on the last few days that we've had. Monday we got up early and golfed nine holes. Did we keep score....ABSLUTELY NOT!! That would totally ruin our day so we didn't even worry about it. As usual we took quite a few mulligans......Rick WAY more than me. HA! After thAt we came back to the hotel and while Rick napped in the room I headed out to the pool. He joined me a little while later and we both enjoyed the sun and water. That night we drove over to Playa Flaming and watched the sun set again. flamingo beach is VERY nice. More of a family beach and just a beautiful setting! We had dinner and seriously I fell into bed by 8:00. Sun + water = exhaustion.
Yesterday was ROCKIN' AWESOME!! We went white water rafting!! We had been thinking about it for a few days and I was the one pushing to do it. as we got to the Tenorio River and were getting our rafting instruction, I was thinking what in the heck am I doing!! I'm not twenty! after our guide (who was sooooo excellent) suggested that we have a practice rescue, I was totally thinking, ".they don't make us do this in Jackson Hole! What have I gotten myself into?!?" This was another of those experiences you just say to yourself...." OK, I' m here. I'm doing this!" And I did! It was SOOOOOO Fun! We got into some class 3 and 4 rapids and it was great! we went through about 2 hours of rapids and then floated for about an hour. We got to see three Toucans. THREE! one was about 20 ft away from us and let me tell you...those are spectacular birds. We also saw some herons, egrets, hawks, kingfishers along with some long nose bats and some river spiders. These spiders were HUGE! About 4 inches in diameter. They kinda freaked me out to tell you the truth. Like I said our guides were excellent. We had Wider (pronounced Weeder) and his brother Daniel (who was the photographer). These guys were special. they had such a good spirit about them. (yes, Rick placed yet another BOM....a total of three for the trip). Very spiritual and family oriented brothers. When we made it back to the base camp we had a typical Costa Rican dinner and headed back into Tamarindo to see the sun set. We missed it by 5 minutes. Que Lastima!
Today was a pretty laid back day. We left early (again....this is not the sleep in late kind of trip, my husband has kept us on the go) and drove into Santa Cruz and Nicoya to sightsee. by mid afternoon we had made our way back to Playa Conchal. We enjoyed the surf and
Sand and DID catch the sunset again on Playa Flamingo one last time.
Tomorrow we will be leaving late morning with our bodies a little redder, our memories a lot fuller, and big smiles on our faces! This has been such great of our absolute favorites! They treat us like royalty here at the Marriott and it really is a beautiful resort. We have been very blesses to be able to make this trip. Pictures will be posted soon!!


  1. I'm SO GLAD you kept us posted about this Heavenly Vacation, Janell, and I'm delighted that you two involved yourselves in so many adventuresome activities!! Everything sounds SO FUN!! Love, Karen

  2. Great vacation indeed! And that is awesome about placing 3 Book of Mormons! Wow, way to be missionaries! Andrew is encouraging us to do some missionary work too, so we'd better get on it! What a lovely trip you had. And now if we could just get some of that sunshine here in our little corner of the world!!