Saturday, March 5, 2011


We got to SEE and DO a whole lot this past week in Costa Rica. I am very greatful for the opportunity to spend time with my favorite person in this amazing country. We are truly blessed!!


  1. Wow--That Sunset is FABULOUS!! No wonder you felt bad whenever you missed seeing it that one day! What Fun Pictures! What Fun TIMES you had!! What MEMORIES you made!! I'm thrilled that you had such a marvelous time together like that. (I'm still thinkin'--your laid-back Oregon time would have been good to have AFTERwards, eh??!) By the way--that Volcanic Mud Bath looks quite....interesting. Did you get the SMELL to go away?? :) Love, Karen

  2. It's totally amazing but I came back from this trip ready to turn the world over. Probably because I had been pretty sick for 2 weeks before we left. I was worried that the sulfer smell would not come out very easily but it pretty much rinsed off when the mud got washed away. I did use a special outmeal soap later that night (as per recommended from our tour guide) to make sure it was completely gone. Really though, it wasn't too bad:)

  3. Wow, beautiful pictures and so many great adventures! You two always make me smile with your great friendship that you share together. Thanks for letting us see a bit of your travels! So glad you are my friend.