Friday, February 25, 2011


Hello world! Today I went snorkeling with my best friend! He held my hand as we navigated the waters of Playa Conchal. We saw two eels, three burrfish (my favorite) a huge rockfish (ugly), a trumpeter, and LOTS of other colorful fish. After that we relaxed on the beach for a while each enjoying our books. A little while later a small brown woman came over and asked if I would like a massage. OH YEAH! I was laying on the table out in the open with a black tarp tied to the trees above me for shade listening to the waves roll in and the exotic birds singing in the trees and some spanish music playing somewhere off in the distance all while this lady worked me over. (Did I just type a run on sentence)? It was a surreal experience! A little later we rented a wave runner and let me just say that I got my full intake of sodium for the day on THAT ride. A LOT of water In my face but OH MAN what a blast! After returning to our hotel we got cleaned up and headed to dinner and then took a nice walk along the beach under the stars. It was a FABULOUS day!

PS Yesterday I had wild monkeys eating bananas off the top of my head.........more on that plus pictures later. Goodnight!


  1. Oh Janell--What a wonderfully FUN, relaxing time you're having! How FANTASTIC!! I'm DELIGHTED for you!! Love, Karen

  2. Sounds like heaven, except for the monkey!

  3. A massage in paradise!!! Lucky you! Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip--so glad for you! Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation.