Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Under the Knife.....Again

Today was yet another surgery for Gary. For 12 years now (since his accident when he was 5) he has had trouble breathing through his nose. At the time, he had severe trauma to his face and believe me he's got the scars to prove it. I took him in last month for an evaluation to see what could be done and the doc said he was 85 % clogged.
The poor boy hasn't been able to smell for years.
Here he is in his hospital gown. He's ready to go!The surgery took about an hour and a half. After he started coming out of the anesthetic they let me back to see him. I don't know if any of you have experienced seeing your kids drugged up but it is kinda scary. I must be getting used to it 'cause I didn't feel too freaked out seeing his eyes glazed over. It was actually quite humerous.
Kids say the darndest things when they're out ot it.
I know Gary has felt bad about how he treated me (and the nurses I might add) in his last hospital experience. (He was a BEAR)! I know this because he apologized 5 months later in my Mother's Day card. I believe he set himself a goal this time to be as nice as possible. The minute I walked into his recovery room he opened his eyes. This was our conversation. (remember he is still very drugged and slurring)
Gary: "mom, come here. (except it sounded like commeer)
The nurse was talking to me so he thought I didn't hear him.
Gary: (a little louder) COMMEER.
I walked to the side of his bed.
Gary: "I wanna hug."
I hugged him.
Gary: "See I'm nicer this time. I don't want to be mean................. I feel sooo good"!
Me: "You are Gary. Your last surgery was a little harder so I can understand. I don't blame you. Your a good boy....I love you."
Gary: "I love you too.......... I feel sooo good.
Then he fell back asleep. After 2 minutes he woke up saying....
Gary: "I want my mom"
I smiled at that and I said, "What"
Gary: "I love you"
Me: " I love you too, bud.
Gary: (druggily) "I feel GREAT.
A little later I was sitting at the foot of his bed and he jolted awake and said,
Gary: "I don't want you to leave." Another smile. (Last time he said to the nurse...."I told you not to let her in here!" Yes, he really said that.)
Gary: I can't believe how good I feel.
The nurse walks in.
Gary: I wasn't nice to my mom last time.
Nurse: "What do you mean last time"
Gary: "My last surgery."
Me: "Yes, but he's doing much better this time."
(I did not realize that he was so worried about being nice this time around. I am glad of it for sure. This was definitely a better experience than last time. He slept the whole way home and a few hours after. Here he is playing on Kendra's computer.

He'll have some teflon splints in his nose until Monday and then it will take a couple of weeks to fully recuperate. I can't believe how wonderful he has been. Really kind AND patient. So different than the last time. Maybe he is really growing up:-)

He gets his wisdom teeth out next month so that'll be another adventure:)


  1. Wow, he's really been through a lot. I'm glad he's being so nice to you, and glad he'll be able to breathe better!

  2. Oh, I'm glad you posted about his surgery--I've wondered how it went. And I'm so glad he has been so nice to you--that is so cute! Hopefully he will feel much better as time goes on--John really has been glad he had the surgery. Good luck with everything! Sorry I didn't get to talk to you when you stopped by the other night. Have a great day!

  3. I had sinus surgery in February and after all is said and done, I'm glad I did it because I can breathe so easily now and it's all clear! No blockage! But I don't know if I'd do it again knowing what I know now. The packing in the nose was horrible and the worst experience I've ever had was when they were removing it. GAG.
    Anyway, hilarious about Gary's loopy drugged moments. And I think it's great that he was so concerned with making nice this time! :)