Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top This....

This is totally a random blog today but here goes.
I was just upstairs doing laundry when I opened my sock drawer. It was so stuffed with socks that I could barely open it. After finding a few matches I decided to count what was left over. Can you believe that I had 43 socks that were missing their mates? FORTY-THREE! I hate the thought of having to throw away perfectly good socks because there's only one. I just KNOW that the sock's mate is SOMEWHERE in my house. Anyway, instead of searching for the lost mates ......I threw them in the trash.......yes I did. I will say that I could not bring myself to throw Rick's dress socks out........they are just too darned expensive. I'm just curious.......how full are your sock drawers? Can anyone top 43?

PS One of my boys.......I'll not mention any names (except that he has red hair and is on a mission:) used to love to wear mismatched socks. I thought it was a little strange but it didn't seem to bother him at all. In fact, I think he relished in the fact that he was carefree and didn't have to worry about 'the little things'. Crazy Kid!


  1. I can't top 43! I went through my sock drawer not too long ago and through out the mate-less ones. It was a sad day. Especially because a week later I found a few of the mates. :( My husband also wears mismatched socks. It drives me CRAZY! Granted, he won't wear a white and a black, but he'll wear one black sock with gold toes and then another black one with red writing on it.

  2. I haven't counted my mismatches yet, but I think your red-headed son and my daughter the same age had the same quirky personality, she always wore mismatched socks! Not just two whites that weren't exactly alike, but one yellow and one purple. She especially liked it when other people pointed it out.

  3. I think that I can top that. Although I have not officially counted them I do however have a whole laundry basket FULL.

  4. Little Brad really enjoys wearing odd socks as well, which is really suprising for the neat and organized little guy that he is.