Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Night Out

You know how sometimes life gets extremely hectic and you feel like any alone time as husband and wife just isn't there. Sometimes everything else takes over. From house remodel taking most of our thoughts and what needs to be done next.... to church family whatever. I knew that I wanted to have a get away.
Last night Rick and I enjoyed a night out. We had dinner at The Garden and just enjoyed some alone time. It was WONDERFUL to sit and have a conversation without the phone ringing. (Yup, left it in the car) ..........finally.
This picture really tells me that I have GOT to do something with my hair. Yikes!
We stayed at the Ellerbeck Mansion B&B up in the avenues. A nice large room decorated in a mariner motiff. We awoke to freshly made blueberry pancakes, bacon, fresh fruit, and homemade hot chocolate.

It was wonderful because we spent THE WHOLE day together. First, we stopped at Wal-Mart and purchased some flowers for our back patio. Geraniums and petunias.

Next we stopped at Kohl's. Rick has been missing his pants for a while now. (Last week he couldn't find any only to find out that Gary had been wearing at least one pair. How could Gary not know those were not his pants? They are only THREE sizes bigger than his own. And he had his belt cinched up really tight to keep them up. I swear.......teenagers. Of course, I take all the blame since it is I who folds the laundry. I put them in the wrong pile. My bad. As for the other pair of pants.....still no sign of them) Anyhow, back to Kohls. Rick bought 3 new pair of pants plus some shorts and a couple of tees.
Doesn't he look happy?

Next it was off to the golf course. What a perfect day for golfing! We tried out a new course...I think it's called Stonebrige (just off Bangerter) This was our 1st game of the season and our loss of balls proves it. This course is LOADED with water and while I lost only 3 balls to it Rick lost AT LEAST eight.
After he lost 3 balls on Hole 1 in the first four hits I knew it was going to be a doozy. Rick is soooo cute when he gets frustrated. I know he wanted to swear a couple of times but my hunney kept it under control. LOL

You know what they say though....
"My worst day golfing is better than my best day at work"
What made it great though was that there was no one behind us the ENTIRE TIME. We took mulligan after mulligan and didn't worry about holding anyone else up.
After golfing we stopped at Chili's and each had a Quesadilla Explosion Salad (Sooo0 good) and got home in time to plant our flowers and some stuff in our garden too.
What a GREAT 24 hours!


  1. How WONDEFUL that you got to have a fun evening and fantastic day together like that. I'm glad to hear it. It sounds like you've been pretty 'topsy-turvy' for awhile with all that your house has been going through. And that Ellerbeck B&B sure is a nice place. We got to find that out last year--thanks to YOU guys!!

    We sincerely hope your life is a little 'less stressed' now that you've had that fun time together--but another one is around the corner pretty soon, I'm sure! :) Love, Karen

  2. That does sound like a nice day. I'm glad you had time to enjoy yourself.

  3. Hooray for some alone time! Sounds like you lived it up, shopped, dined, golfed- what else is there, right? Good for you.