Monday, June 28, 2010

Lake Powell

We had a fantastic weekend! We drove down to Lake Powell (our first time ever) and met my sister Deanna and her husband Kelly on Friday. Their son Andrew and his wife Mary Ann were there as well as my parents.
We got to Wahweap about noon and loaded everyone onto the boat.
Here's Kenni ready to have some fun! My mom and dad are ready to go....hats and all!
Aren't they cute? (That's Kelly holding the boat)
We boated up to Face Canyon and stopped to have some lunch. This is Kelly and Deanna's boat. There were 10 of us with room to spare. A VERY nice boat!

Rick, Gary, and Kendra playing in the water!
A little cold when you first get in but great after that.

After lunch we drove up to Cathedral Canyon. So incredible! Beautiful cliffs and narrows that we took the boat through. Here's Deanna and I (and Gare's backside) as we're coming back through the narrows.

After that we went up another canyon and hiked to Rainbow Bridge.

Gary was barefoot so Kendra was kind enough to give him a piggyback ride.
Shoot I erased the was so cute!

After a good nights rest we were at it again the next morning. Jeremy (Kelly and Deanna's other son) and Mindy and their 3 kids joined us. The kids are so cute and loved the boat and water! We set up camp on a nice beach and then headed out for some water sports!

The kids relaxin'

We each took our turn being on the water. Here's Gary...his first time to ever try wakeboarding! He got up on his 6th try and had a huge grin on his face the rest of the time. He loved it and got to be quite good!

My turn on ski's! I am so not as young as I used to be!

Kendra kneeboarding.
She didn't like that so much but really had a good time on the tube!

Rick had a blast kneeboarding on the short rope! He said the wake feels about eye level and kinda scary! You can tell by the look on his face what fun he is having!

Even my mom (who's 70) and my nephew's wife (who's 7 mos pregnant) went tubing. Crazy ladies! All in all it was a most excellent weekend and we definitely want to go back to Powell again. Next time with more family!

Love, Love, Love summertime!


  1. I love LP! I've been going with my family almost every summer since i was a babe. I'm sad we missed you guys by a few days -- we go in 2.5 days and I can hardly contain my excitement! :)

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! I heard Grandma went tubing... she's always up for an adventure crazy lady!

  3. Lake Powell is one of my favorite places on earth. I have great memories from young adult trips my stake took, many, many years ago. Glad to see that you had so much fun.

  4. Lake Powell is a nice little getaway, for sure! You are one brave soul to try waterskiing! I would have probably stuck like glue to the inside of the boat, and not tried anything. Got another facial today from Kendra. MAN SHE'S GOOD!