Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year's 2016

I need to post about our New Year's Celebrations before it gets to late into the month!  On New Year's Eve Rick and I and the Boman family went to the jazz game.  It was Rafe and Scout's first game and they did really well.  Rafe did get frightened by the Jazz Bear who was no where near us but he saw him spraying silly string on a guy a couple of ailes over and that kind of freaked him the Jazz Bear does look a little creepy.  Those eyes of his.......

After the game Rick and I went home and turned on the TV.  I got sleepy around 11:30 and dozed off.  Rick woke me up at 12:15 and said, "Happy New Year!"  That was our big celebration!  I know boring, huh?  That's alright, after a full Christmas holiday with lots of family, I was ok laying low.  Sometimes it's nice just the two of us:-)

Rick and Rafe watching the game

Here's a shot of all of us after the game..........

The next day Rick and I drove to Lava Hot Springs for a night out with a few of his siblings.  We got there around 3:30 and after getting checked into our room headed over to the hot springs for a soak.  The place was loaded with people.  It was kind of strange seeing so many people running around in their swimsuits with it being less than 15 degrees outside!  The pools did feel nice though:)  I had an appointment for a massage at 4:30 so I wasn't in the pool for to long.  After my massage Rick picked me up and we went over to 47 Main Restaurant where everyone was waiting.  Karen and Dennis, Darla and Larry, Trent and Kathy, and Rick and I were all that were there.  (plus Hal and Janis and Leatrice Hunsaker met us for dinner)  We went there last year and really enjoyed the food.  We had a nice time visiting with one another and then we went back to the hotel and played games in Dennis and Karen's room.  
Karen came loaded with ALL KINDS of treats and goodies for the evening.  Darla brought some cheese and crackers as well.  We enjoyed playing a couple of games and having fun together.  We all had a good night's rest and then met for breakfast at the Chuckwagon Restaurant.  We enjoyed another 2 hours of talking and laughing and then we each went our separate ways.  It was a nice getaway.  One not so good thing that happened was that after getting on our way about 35 minutes into our drive home we realized that we left our pillows at the motel so we had to go back and get them!  It added a whole hour to our drive home:(  

That was not good but we sure enjoyed the opportunity to be with family for the night!

The group of us just before leaving Lava.

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  1. We were with Wayne and Carol for New Year's Eve and stayed up till after 1:15 playing games and watching movies--after going to Texas Road House for dinner early on.
    I thought our time in Lava Hot Springs was really fun and I'm glad you posted about it! It truly WAS cold, but fun!! (I think we oughta make it a yearly tradition, maybe, cause it sure helps take away "winter blahs"!!) :) Love, Karen