Monday, December 8, 2014

Scout's Blessing Day

Yesterday Scout Audrey was blessed by her father.  Scout looked absolutely beautiful in this dress made by her Grandma Leesa.  Kendra chose an ecru lace and Leesa found this cute pattern and bought the socks to match.  Leesa also made the bracelet which was so darling on this little princess!! Kendra found the bow at Soelbergs (of all places:)

Brach blessed little Scout with Purity.  That's what stood out to me the most.  He blessed her that she would be a worthy daughter of God throughout her life.  I love that!  
She is so precious and we all are so much in love with her!!

The Bomans and the Bakers met back at our home for a soup and chili bar.  It was great to visit with everyone and to ooh and ahh over little Scout!!  She has two sets of grandparents that love her so much.  I am very thankful for that!
A Beautiful Day!

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