Thursday, November 13, 2014

Henry's Blessing

Oh My Goodness!! 
 I can't believe I haven't posted about Henry's blessing day yet!  He was blessed by Skylar on October 12th.  A whole month ago!!

It was a wonderful day and Henry looked so adorable.  Sarah's aunt made his cute little outfit.  A few of the things that Skylar blessed him with is that he would seek knowledge throughout his life and honor his Priesthood as he grows.  I'm so thankful that Skylar is such an honorable man.  He gave his firstborn child a wonderful blessing and he and Sarah are wonderful and attentive parents.  
We are so blessed to have little Henry in our lives:)

After Sacrament we met up at their home and had a light luncheon with a potato bar and salads.  It was fun to spend the afternoon with them.

Adorable Henry

The Phelps Family

Grandma and Henry

Baby Henry, Grandma Sharon, and Uncle Matt.

I am so blessed to have my little grandchildren close to me:)

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  1. What a cutie he is!! You are indeed blessed to have your little grandchildren CLOSE to you! Isn't it wonderful?? We moved back to be near Dennis's folks when our first two boys were 2 and 4, and we're SO GLAD we did, because Dennis's Dad died just 10 years after we moved back here. He got to see and know all five of our kids before he passed away, and we have always been SO THANKFUL that we were back here, close by. Aside from that--it's really fun being a grandma now, and having several of MY little ones close by! :)