Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Brach

Today is Brach's 26th birthday!  We got to celebrate with him yesterday.  Skylar and Rick decided about a week ago to meet for lunch at Wild Wings Restaurant and invited the rest of us.  We would not normally eat out for lunch AND dinner on the same day (unless we were on vacation, of course)  but the chips just fell where they were and not only did we eat at Wild Wings for lunch but we ate at Braza Grill for dinner.  
Brach got to wear hats on both occasions!

We are thankful to have Brach in our family!  
Here are 10 reasons I love Brach:

1.  He loves Kendra and takes good care of her.

2.  He loves Heavenly Father and always tries to do what's right.

3.  He is soft-spoken.

4.  He has a great smile. 
 (His teeth are super straight and he never even wore braces!)

5.  He has given Rick and me a very cute grandson!  
(and another baby due in October!)

6.  He is a good friend to Gary.

7.  He has a calming personality.

8. He makes us laugh.

9.  He is a hard worker.  

10.  He is good at fixing things.  

Happy Birthday Brach!!

I have to throw this picture in as well.....Like father like son!!

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