Saturday, January 26, 2013


Rafe was blessed a few weeks ago by Brach.  Brach did a great job!  Rafe was a champ too.  He cooed throughout the whole blessing and Rick said he was so cute and happy:)  After church we had the Boman family over for soup, rolls and cookies.  We enjoyed visiting with them.  Brach's brother and his wife had a baby just four days after Rafe was born so it was fun to see the "cousins" together.  After dinner Rafe put a show on for us by cooing and "talking" to us.  He is such a dolly!  He brings such a light into our life.  Rick and I took an anniversary trip to Phoenix this past week and every day we had to look at our videos of Rafe (on my phone) because we missed him so much. 
We love him!
Brach's mom Lisa made his cute blessing outfit.  She is a wiz on the sewing machine:)
Don't you just love that little bow tie!
They sure make a cute family!  Kendra's a great mommy!
Me and Rafe on his special day:)

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