Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When the husbands are away....

THE WIVES WILL PLAY!!  Last week when our husbands left us for a full week to go on an Alaskan fishing trip Kendra, Sarah, and I took a trip of our own.  We went down to the St. George house and did a lot of girly things:)  
Pedicures were the order of the day on Wednesday.  My nephew's wife MaryAnn (who works at Hot Nails) and two of her co-workers fixed us right up.  Kendra chose pink, Sarah chose lavender and I chose blue.  Other things we did on Wed. were swimming, crafting, and shopping.   We ate at Chili's that night and went home and watched the ultimate girl show...Sense and Sensibility. 
Thursday was a lot of the same.  We finished our summer crafts and they turned out really cute.  I'm going to wait until August to set mine out (cause I still have my patriotic decor out). 
Thursday night we headed to Cedar City to hit the Shakespearean festival.  I wasn't to thrilled with the selection of the Shakespeare shows so we opted for "To Kill A Mockingbird".  It was an excellent choice because it truly was a phenomenal production.  All three of us LOVED it.  To top it off we stopped at a yogurt place after the show.  The oatmeal cookie flavor was super yummy.  We didn't get back to the house until after 11:00.  A great night! 
Friday morning we went to the temple than enjoyed some time at the spa getting facials and back treatments.  Nice.  After having an early dinner at The Outback we headed home for a double feature "She's The Man" and "The Blind Side".  Of course we had some treats to eat.  We stopped at Kneaders and the girls got a brownie.  I was really hoping for a caramel apple and they were out so we had to stop at Rocky Mtn. Cocolate Factory.  My caramel apple was over $7.00.  Holy Cow!!  It's caramel and an apple for pete's sake.  Yes, I bought it anyway.  I had my heart set on it.
Saturday we spent time relaxing in the pool and enjoying the sun.  We arrived home Saturday night.  I loved spending time with these two sweeties and it was a great way to spend the week instead of sitting at home pining for our guys:) 


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  2. My favorite part was looking at the princesses with their royal hats....

  3. Wow! What a fun girls' getaway week! I bet it's sooo fun to be in this new stage with real "grown up" daughters and daughters-in-law. Your Summer decorations are adorable, especially the watermelon piece! cute! And, I TOTALLY would have spent $7 for the caramel apple... you've made me crave one now. mmmm...

  4. sounds like you 3 had a blast. I love that you are color coordinated in your choice of dress to go to the temple in.

    So glad that you were able to have such fun with 2 of you special girls.

  5. Hotties. You guys are so cute together! The three amigos. :)

  6. Janell--I haven't seen you for a while--When did you go BRUNETTE???
    What a WONDERFUL time you all had!! I love the fun things you did, and I'm SO GLAD you were all able to go and have such good times and make such fantastic memories together like that!! And isn't it fun to be so YOUNG when you have those married girl"friends" in your family?! I remember I was 47 when Lance & Jen got married and I felt pretty young and "Fun" for Jen to be with, but it was SIX YEARS LATER before my next one got married, and I've just kept getting older and older and LESS 'fun' feeling!! So my advice would be--Enjoy every single thing you can--WHILE you can!! Time flies really fast--(as I'm sure you're already discovering!) :) Cute Post. Love, Karen