Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Week

The week before Easter Rick and I met Skylar and Sarah at the St. George house for a week of fun. Skylar is starting a new job selling for his dad and Sarah was on her Spring Break so they had the week off. We had a great time!! Here's a short list of things that we did.....went bowling (loser bought the winners a Cold Stone treat......that means Skylar bought us all a treat:), made pizza, went to the temple, went swimming (actually we got in the water a was a little chilly outside but the water temp was a toasty 90 degrees), went golfing (windy but tons of fun), watched movies, and did a little shopping. On Friday night Brach, Kendra and Gary joined us. We got to eat out at our favorite St. George restaurant Samarai 21 (we all caught our shrimp except for Brach who had a do over:) Saturday we traveled down to Vegas for a Hafen wedding and enjoyed being with my family. After the wedding luncheon we headed back to swim, enjoy a BBQ (thanks to B & K for bringing a little hibachi cooker because we don't have a BBQer yet), colored some Easter eggs, and then settled down with a movie. The next day was Easter and had a very nice day. The highlight of the day (after church, naps, dinner and Easter egg hunting) was sitting around talking of the Savior and what he means specifically to each of us. I love that (at least a few) my kids have a grasp on reality and the importance of living a good life and pleasing Heavenly Father. The Savior's atonement is something that they understand. I love to sit back and listen to them speak of important matters and know that THEY know what life is all about. It brings joy to my heart and was the culmination of a wonderful week!

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