Saturday, August 27, 2011

Phelps Family Vacation 2011

This years family vacation was a lot different than in years past. Since Skylars still on his mission, Kendra just got married, Kaitlyn had to work, Alyssia had classes, and Gary was working in Alaska, our family vacation consisted of just Rick and I. Even though we traveled (mostly) with 2 other families, it was different since we didn't have any kids with us......... I think we are in the beginnings of a new era.
We were gone for 15 days and all but 4 of those days required some lengthy driving. We covered right at 5,000 miles and it's not something I want to try again anytime soon. Some stops on our trip included Winter Quarters, Nauvoo, Hannibal, Nashville, Gatlinburg, Memphis, OK City, Albequerque, Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon, and St. George.

Winter Quarters



Nashville (Andrew Jackson's home "The Hermitage)


Memphis (The Nat'l Civile Rights Museum, Beale Street, Memphis Temple and Mud Island)


Meteor Crater

Grand Canyon


  1. I dragged my family to hannibal when we visited nauvoo- I really liked seeing the Mark Twain Caves because I had also just finished doing Tom Sawyer at GHS my freshman year- what a fun vacation!

  2. Wow, your family is shrinking! Looks like you guys had a great time.

  3. Wow--What a wonderful vacation!! And wasn't it FUN having just you two, then getting with others for part of the time!? I LOVED these pictures--they helped me feel like I was kinda along WITH you all! :) I LOVED the group in front of the handcart statue at Nauvoo and the group with the green Tubes--what a fun time in the water!!

    Your time in Hannibal looks fun, too. Did you do the river cruise? We did the dinner cruise and went in that Mark Twain cave but didn't have as much fun as you all had! :)

    Your Memphis time looked familiar--Beale Street and Mud Island--but we didn't go by to see the Memphis temple--shucks! Your Gatlinburg lodge looks lovely--and I'm wondering if that group picture in front of the green building (with the little lights) was in Gatlinburg? (I'll ask you when I next see you in person...)

    You ended up taking that Southern Route that I love--how nice! And to think you swung on around by the Grand Canyon--WOW--you really DID travel far!!! Thanks for this fun post, Janell. YOU look SO cute in all your pictures!! (and so happy--even though you guys ARE getting into a new 'stage of life'!) Love, Karen