Thursday, June 9, 2011


HOLY COW!! I have not posted since Easter and needless to say many things have happened in the Phelps household. So here I am back blogging trying to get caught up. I've gotten through the end of May and in the next couple of days hopefully I'll bring this blog up to the present goes.

Alyssia graduated from North Sanpete High School on May 27th. Rick and I traveled to Mt. Pleasant for the ceremony. Wow, it was the BEST graduation we have ever been to. The speakers (five of them) were all students and they each spoke on an attribute that they had aquired through their years of high school. The talks were amazing and what was even more impressive was that they were ALL memorized. The choir sang a few numbers that were excellent and this graduating class seemed to be top notch kids. We really enjoyed being there. Congratulations Leesh, on your success. We love you!

Julie made this cake for Alyssia for her celebration. Isn't it sooo cute?

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