Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I know I have not blogged much about the Sky boy. I don't know why..... I just haven't. He is doing excellent!!
This picture was taken on his 20th birthday back in August. He was so excited about this cake. They ordered it from a bakery and it looked so delish....but unfortunately it looked better than it tasted:(

These are just some random photos from his time in Yuty where he spent about 4 mos. It is a small town in the middle of nowhere. Most of the people don't even speak Spanish but an indigenous Indian based language called Guarani. It was diffucult for Sky but during his time there he worked really hard and with the help of some of the kids in the ward he was able to progress in the language. He really loved the people here and loved the small village atmosphere. It was hard for him to leave.

His worn out shoes.......

got fixed at the zapateria. Much better!

Felipa's baptism. She was baptized in this little pond. This was toward the end of his time in Yuty and his companion is E McGee who was fresh out of the MTC.

My handsome boy in his whites!!
Skylar and Elder Skinner (who looks so much like his cousin Dalton)
The mission car! HA!

A wonderful investigator (Zuni) and her daughters. Sky left the area before her baptism.

Skylar got transferred back into the city (in an area called Ybate) which is where he is at present He is loving his new area and his companion E. Moreno. They were able to attend the temple (his second time since he's been in Paraguay) and they are having a lot of success with the people there. I can see that my boy is growing in leaps and bounds and I love it! I do have some more recent pics but they are still in my e-mail and I forgot how to put them in his mission file. Blast! One of these days I'll be first rate at the computer....not anytime soon I'm sure:(

He says they're apt is a real dump (his words exactly). Last week they caught 11 mice in one day! Yikes!! I'll post the picture next time. I love my red-headed missionary!!


  1. Oh, that was so good to read about Skylar (and that did look sooo much like dalton!). I'll bet he is just the best missionary. It is so neat to see all those pictures and see that he is doing so well (except of course the worn out shoes and the 11 mice :[) What an awesome guy he is. I just love Skylar

  2. Great post, Janell! I love to read about Skylar and see all the pictures too. Too bad his birthday cake wasn't too tasty...Missionaries are pretty great things, aren't they? Thanks for sharing!